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  Jiaozuo Billions United Pigment Co. Ltd. is a joint venture company, established by Lomon Billons Group Co., Ltd. and Deqing United Pigment Co., Ltd. in June 2016, professionally in iron oxide pigments R&D and production. Its registered capital is 80millions.

  Iron oxide is a stable and non hazard inorganic pigment with high covering strength, high tinting strength, and good light and weather resistance, which is widely used in coloring the paint, coating, concrete products, ink, plastic, ceramic, paper, leather and etc.

  The company uses the subsidiary materials ferrous sulfate which is from Lomon Billions’ sulfate process TiO2 manufacturing, to produce iron oxide black, iron oxide yellow and iron oxide red (calcined from red), and total annual capacity is 100,000 tons.

  By this production process, the company can fulfill the purpose of using by-product to save cost, protect environment and achieve environmental recycle economic development.

  The company is located in Zhongzhang District, Jiaozuo city, Henan with convenient transportation. With principle of “Honest, Creditable and outstanding forever”, we always look forward to build a long term and mutual cooperation with you.